Stellium Ltd is the younger addition to our publishing group. Our first company, Zambezi Publishing Ltd, has been active in the Mind, Body & Spirit genre for over fifteen years, but rapid changes in publishing overall have led us to form Stellium, which now handles fiction, a select range of non-fiction, and a growing range of digital and POD services.

Traditional publishing models are fast giving way to the self-publishing formats now available to every writer. We feel that Personal Publishing is a more accurate label for the services needed by writers, and we’re proud to say that we can help with most requirements that you could think of.

Please browse through our pages and sub-pages. You’ll discover a growing number of writing tips, services and general information, all of it linked to our motto: “It’s All About Words…”

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Nowadays, most niche-market writers use self-publishing as a means of getting their work out there – to the point where most of the titles that you see reviewed in specialist magazines, whether spiritual or many other fields, are supported partly or entirely by the author. Modern technology, the ebook revolution, along with print-on-demand (POD) production, has lowered the initial investment required, to a level that almost everyone can afford. Put it this way; if you can afford any kind of holiday, you can afford to produce a book.
It makes sense, however, to make use of services provided by a suitable publisher in order to ensure a professional result. Read the ebook reviews on Amazon and you’ll soon discover how irritating it can be for a reader to find his latest purchase is full of grammar, spelling and / or style errors that the author somehow managed to overlook. And, we can state confidently that we have never seen a manuscript that didn’t need editing, no matter how good the author!

The self-publishing route enables a prospective author to reach the public eye, notwithstanding barriers such as the major difficulty in foreseeing how viable a book is likely to turn out. Even with celebrity authors, it is frequently a gamble for the publisher until actual sales figures come out. Self-publishing, especially in the form of ebooks, lets the book establish its level without risking a large amount of money on the project.

If you decide to go the self-publishing route, Stellium can help to make your concept become something you can justifiably be proud of.

The following list shows some of the subjects that have restricted output in printed book form, and that wouldn’t reach the public if it weren’t for ebooks and self-publishing services such as those offered by Stellium:

  • Business guides
  • Photobooks
  • Overcoming illness and personal setbacks
  • Personal memoirs
  • Poetry
  • Religion
  • Serious / high-level astrology
  • Training manuals
  • Workshop material, from booklets to whole courses

We find that personal memoirs are becoming very popular. People are realising that family history gets lost very quickly once Gran has passed away… think about it – how much do you actually know about your grandfather’s life, his travels and adventures, his hobbies and interests?
We provide the ideal solution – a family memoir that includes all the photos and pictures you and your family have up in the attic; we can clean up many photos, we can help you structure your text, and produce something that your grandchildren will thank you for!

Colour illustrated books have been notoriously expensive to produce in the past, which is why you rarely see anything other than expensive coffee-table books produced in this way.
However, the tide is turning, and with Print-on-Demand (POD) now a firmly established route, we can offer colour content at reasonably accessible cost levels. Call us if you’re interested.

Colour ebooks, on the other hand, remove the need for paper and print, or dealing with far Eastern printers, so if you happen to be an artist or illustrator who is keen to get your work out there, you might consider this as a route forward. A lovely tablet book or digital photo book would make a wonderful means of showcasing your work to a wider public via modern technology.
Whatever you want to produce – be it a booklet or a massive tome, please talk to Stellium first!

Self/Personal Publishing

Stellium Personal Publishing / Self-Publishing
This is fast becoming the only way to produce niche market non-fiction, and with the book trade going the way it is, it may soon be the only way to get anything other than junk pulp fiction and cook books out there. It’s also ideal for a personal or family memoir, or a book for your clients. We can produce “bookshop” quality books for you to be proud of.
It’s easy to be put off by the mysteries and technicalities of the processes. Stellium can take you through every step of the way, whether you need the whole publishing process, or only parts of it.
Marketing and Sales
Whether conventionally published or self-published, it’s mostly down to the author to make the book sell. Stellium can help.
What about Ebooks?
Stellium can help you produce your own ebook, or do it for you.
The Right Price
See the next page for sample pricing of an average size book.
Every project is different, so don’t hesitate to email us for your
personal project quote.
Email us for our simple info sheets or detailed brochure on paper..

Need something other than a book?
Help with writing articles for a newsletter
Business brochures, booklets and workshop material
A whole training course, on paper or electronically
Your own online magazine
Website hosting, and elementary website creation
Email us for further information:

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