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This is fast becoming the only way to produce niche market non-fiction, and with the book trade going the way it is, it may soon be the only way to get anything other than junk pulp fiction and cook books out there. It’s also ideal for a personal or family memoir, or a book for your clients. We can produce “bookshop” quality books for you to be proud of.
It’s easy to be put off by the mysteries and technicalities of the processes. Stellium can take you through every step of the way, whether you need the whole publishing process, or only parts of it.
Marketing and Sales
Whether conventionally published or self-published, it’s mostly down to the author to make the book sell. Stellium can help.
What about Ebooks?
Stellium can help you produce your own ebook, or do it for you.
The Right Price
See the next page for sample pricing of an average size book.
Every project is different, so don’t hesitate to email us for your
personal project quote.
Email us for our simple info sheets or detailed brochure on paper..

Need something other than a book?
Help with writing articles for a newsletter
Business brochures, booklets and workshop material
A whole training course, on paper or electronically
Your own online magazine
Website hosting, and elementary website creation
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