Stellium Ltd is the younger addition to our publishing group. Our first company, Zambezi Publishing Ltd, has been active in the Mind, Body & Spirit genre for over fifteen years, but rapid changes in publishing overall have led us to form Stellium, which now handles fiction, a select range of non-fiction, and a growing range of digital and POD services.

Traditional publishing models are fast giving way to the self-publishing formats now available to every writer. We feel that Personal Publishing is a more accurate label for the services needed by writers, and we’re proud to say that we can help with most requirements that you could think of.

Please browse through our pages and sub-pages. You’ll discover a growing number of writing tips, services and general information, all of it linked to our motto: “It’s All About Words…”

Questions? Call us – our details are in the “About” page, and there are contact forms on many pages as well.

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