Traditional Publishing

Stellium is a new, fiction and digital-oriented publisher, to complement our long-standing Mind, Body & Spirit company – Zambezi Publishing Ltd.
We are looking for authors and books that will capture the attention of those in the book-buying trade, and also that of the public.

The drastic slump in the book trade over the past few years, coupled with austerity measures, has meant that many of the bigger publishers have restricted the number of titles published each year, and limited their intake to the most predictable commercial proposals. This has made it more difficult than ever for new authors to stand a chance of seeing their work reach the light of day.

The books we seek need to be exciting, entertaining, thought-provoking or amusing, but above all, they must be saleable. Stellium will publish printed books, ebooks, possibly audio books at a later stage, and much else as the technological and digital future unfolds.
This part of our operation is normal, conventional publishing, which means that the author doesn’t have to pay anything towards the cost of producing his or her work.
We welcome author submissions. However, in the first instance, please email us (info AT ), sending a synopsis, a chapter or two of your book, and a brief biog.
Don’t send us complete manuscripts or valuable images, etc. by post or any other means. An email is the first step.

Please note: book sales are shifting more and more to digital formats, such as ebooks. The quantity of ebooks that emerge each year makes competition more difficult than ever before, so very often, to get your message out there, self-publishing is the only route, accompanied by diligent promotion and marketing efforts by the author.
We can help; we have a wide range of self-publishing services readily available, a shown in our Self-Publishing page. Have a look – very often, a full, traditional solution isn’t the answer to everyone’s needs. Think about it – how many bookshops are left today, to get one’s book into?

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