Sophie’s Inheritance

Sophie's Inheritance

Sophie’s Inheritance

Sophie Mason’s quiet life turns upside down when her uncle dies,
leaving her a fortune, and unbelievably, a Time Machine…

Even that development pales against the arrival of Sir Thomas Hatherleigh, the handsome Director of the Office of State Security, whose head she saves from the block in 1540, by whisking him away to modern London. Sophie and Sir Thomas avoid declaring their feelings for each other, because Sir Thomas must soon return to his Tudorland home.
In our time, distances are easily crossed by jet plane or shrunk to nothing by email and the Internet, but nothing can bridge a gap of almost five hundred years, and Sophie is reluctant to start something that can only lead to heartbreak. Or… can love conquer all?
Sasha Fenton weaves a magic spell of adventure and potentially dangerous visits to the past, and Sophie’s involvement with such a different world.
This book is the first in a series that is bound to lead to new and complex adventures, spanning time and locations in England and across the world.

7 January 2015 update: the second book in our Tudorland series is out! “Lucy’s Dilemma” is now available on order from most bookshops around the world, from Amazon websites, and shortly, direct from our own website.

P.S. For some reason, Amazon sites occasionally have a gremlin, saying that a new book takes two weeks to deliver; this is ridiculous, they get stock overnight, and we find that the two-week wait isn’t applicable. If you do have a problem, do complain to Amazon, and please let us know as well (email

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