Julie Petulengro

Marrying into a Romany Family Cover

Julie Petulengro’s Memoir

Julie, our most recent author, has just completed her memoir about how she got to know Lee Petulengro,  her soul mate, and how she grew into a being a proud member of this very well-known Romany family. She believes this was a past life connection. When she happened to go to Lee for a reading, they were both amazed at how Julie knew the meanings of many Romany words that she had never come across before; she had no previous knowledge of, or connection to, the Romany language and way of life.

This naturally led to the two of them getting to know each other better, and down the line, they married and have lived happily in Julie’s new social environment. Julie’s ebook is a tale of the validity of psychic power, spirit guides and destiny. The two of them have lived through many dramatic events and experiences, making her ebook a fascinating read!

Sasha and I are eagerly awaiting Julie’s follow-up memoir, which should be out later this year, and in the meantime, she has earned our congratulations for her work!

Julie’s ebook is called: “Marrying into a Romany Family”, and is available as a Kindle ebook, from the various Amazon websites. (currently £1.99 in UK, $3.27 in the USA).

Link to her ebook on Amazon.co.uk:
Marrying into a Romany Family

And on Amazon.com:
Marrying into a Romany Family

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