More about Sophie

Doesn’t look like a Time Machine, does it?
But, this is “The Project”, Uncle Silas’s gift to Sophie before he passed away.

Sophie couldn’t have guessed, in her wildest dreams,
how her life would change thereafter…


“… Several weeks later, Sophie had read a fascinating novel about an era she’d known little about. Fiction, but so heavily based on reality that it read like a docudrama.
It was about one of King Henry the Eighth’s First Ministers, Thomas Cromwell, who had succeeded Cardinal Wolsey. This chap had a lot in common with the likes of Josef Stalin, although he did have many good points as well – one of these being his appointment of a really talented man as Director of the Office of State Security for England and Wales; a man named Sir Thomas Hatherleigh.
Sir Thomas’s department must have been something like MI5 , as its raison d’etre had been counter-espionage, along with what we’d now call counter-terrorism.
There was definitely something intriguing about this man, but what intrigued Sophie most was that he hadn’t ended up as Cromwell had done, being tossed into the Tower and executed like Cromwell, although they had both been sentenced to death. In fact, he had simply vanished! There was no further mention of him, either in Sophie’s books or, for that matter, in her Google searches…”

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