Lucy’s Dilemma

Lucy's Dilemma

Lucy’s Dilemma

The second book in the “Tudorland” series is out!

Thomas Hatherleigh, Sir David Cromwell and the TUDOR team travel back to 1541 in an effort to prevent two appalling acts of terrorism – one in the present and one in the past.

Lucy Sanders joins TUDOR and discovers just how extraordinary her new job will become; she meets Sir Charles (Carlo) Hatherleigh and finds herself forced to choose between staying in the present and reaping the benefits of all she’s worked so hard to achieve, or a future that lies a half-millennium in the past. A dilemma that almost costs Lucy her life…

The first book in the “Tudorland” series is “Sophie’s Inheritance”, and the third book is in the pipeline. Each book is self-contained, but also linked to the others. All the Tudorland books describe complex relationships and compelling adventures.

Sasha Fenton has an impressive grasp of the challenges presented by life in the time of King Henry VIII, and her fluid writing style brings every page to life, whether in fiction or non-fiction.

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