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Emily’s Mistake
The third in Sasha Fenton's historical adventure, romance and time-travelling series. Emily Cromwell travels back in time to Israel in...
5" x 8" Fiction, Tudor series Sasha Fenton
£ 8.99
Lucy’s Dilemma
This is the second book in the Tudorland series, introducing young Lucy Sanders, who finds herself facing an impossible choice....
5" x 8" Fiction, Tudor series Sasha Fenton
£ 8.99
This is the full-colour version of the book, to show that colour content nowadays is quite accessible. How do I...
5" x 8" Non-fiction Sasha Fenton
£ 5.99
It's All About Words... How do I submit my Manuscript? Does it need editing? To ebook or not to ebook...
Kindle ebook, Non-fiction Sasha Fenton
£ 2.99
Sophie’s Inheritance
Sophie Mason's quiet life turns upside down when her uncle dies, leaving her a fortune and unbelievably, a Time Machine......
5" x 8" Fiction, Tudor series Sasha Fenton
£ 8.99
George and Jean Smythe and their family moved into the comfortable old house on the Yorkshire moor. Their daughter Joanne...
Fiction, Personal Publishing Eric Howard
£ 0.99