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A Practical Spiritual Primer
A lifetime involved with the spirit world, together with lectures, readings and teaching, add up to a solid track record...
6" x 9" Personal Publishing, Spiritualism Ralph A Steadman
£ 11.99
Only What You Need... No More, No Less! Astro-Numerology requires no prior knowledge, nor does it need an astrological chart....
5" x 8" Astrology, Numerology Sasha Fenton
£ 4.99
Chapters in a Spiritual Life
Ralph Steadman's book takes us on a journey through an extraordinary life, which started with the emphasis on religion that...
5" x 8", 6" x 9" Personal Publishing, Spiritualism Ralph A. Steadman
£ 11.99
Chevy: The Big, Blue Truck
Children's book describing the restoration and conversion of a rusty old Chevrolet truck into a fun, Travelling Party Room. This...
5.5" x 8.5" Juvenile Nonfiction, Personal Publishing Ann Elizabeth Bentley
£ 5.95
Usui / Holy Fire Reiki Master & Teacher, Des Hynes is the most gentle and caring of healers. His book...
5" x 8" Personal Publishing, Spiritual Healing Des Hynes
£ 4.99
Emily’s Mistake
The third in Sasha Fenton's historical adventure, romance and time-travelling series. Emily Cromwell travels back in time to Israel in...
5" x 8" Fiction, Tudor series Sasha Fenton
£ 8.99
Hope, Not Fear
Imagine: the door closes, you're told to sit down, and the consultant has an expression on his face that says...
5.5" x 8.5" Health & Fitness, Personal Publishing Katherine Benson
£ 8.99
Jacqueline's book helps to highlight the plight of so many insects and much roadside vegetation across the UK, largely from...
Juvenile Fiction, Kindle ebook, Personal Publishing Jacqueline Taylor
£ 2.99
Lucy’s Dilemma
This is the second book in the Tudorland series, introducing young Lucy Sanders, who finds herself facing an impossible choice....
5" x 8" Fiction, Tudor series Sasha Fenton
£ 8.99
Mummy Sometimes Goes Funny!
The author has created a children's book aimed at helping them to understand the effects of an epileptic seizure, and...
8" x 8" Health & Fitness, Juvenile Nonfiction Gina Strudwick
£ 6.99
Lucie, a self employed Massage Therapist, is trying to find a relationship with a deeper, spiritual connection. She lives in...
Fiction, Kindle ebook, Personal Publishing Caroline Baker
£ 1.99
Charlie suddenly finds herself in an isolated situation, where her life collapses all around her. No longer knowing whom to...
Fiction, Kindle ebook, Personal Publishing Caroline Baker
£ 1.99