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A Practical Spiritual Primer

 Format: 6" x 9"  Author: Ralph A Steadman  Category: Personal Publishing, Spiritualism  Publisher: Stellium Flame  ISBN: 9780957578388  Pages: 304  Buy Now

A lifetime involved with the spirit world, together with lectures, readings and teaching, add up to a solid track record for Ralph’s abilities as a practising spirit medium. This book combines events in Ralph’s own life with examples from the lives of those he has helped over the years. Learn about affirmations, intuition and spiritual guidance.

There are many books about spirituality, but few are as fascinating as this one. Ralph A. Steadman is uniquely qualified to help us learn how to cope with change, while also showing us how to make necessary adjustments to our thinking that will bring us back into equilibrium.

Taking us through some of the events in his own life, along with examples from the lives of those he has helped over the years, Ralph shows us how affirmations, intuition, spiritual guidance and faith in the future can help us to get through in good times and bad.

Ralph says, “For the past fifty years, I have been interested in psychic phenomena in general and spiritual philosophy in particular. Over the last few years, this has expanded into the study of Metaphysics, which concerns those things beyond both Science and Religion. This, I believe, contains the answers to all the questions about the ultimate reality of life!”

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