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Astro-Numerology: a SMALL Handbook

 Format: 5" x 8"  Author: Sasha Fenton  Category: Astrology, Numerology  Publisher: Stellium Ltd  ISBN: 978-0-9575783-7-1  Pages: 80  Dimension: 5" x 8"  Buy Now

Only What You Need… No More, No Less!

Astro-Numerology requires no prior knowledge, nor does it need an astrological chart. Just work out your Destiny Number by adding together the numbers in your date of birth, and follow the simple instructions in this compact little book, to easily find what any hour, any day of any year will hold for you!

No more magazine horoscopes are needed! ~~~~~ The SMALL Handbook series gives you only the information that you want – no waffle and no complicated jargon!

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