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Chevy: The Big, Blue Truck

 Format: 5.5" x 8.5"  Author: Ann Elizabeth Bentley  Category: Juvenile Nonfiction, Personal Publishing  Reading Age: 4 - 10 years  Publisher: Stellium Flame  ISBN: 9781912358045  Pages: 60  Buy Now

Children’s book describing the restoration and conversion of a rusty old Chevrolet truck into a fun, Travelling Party Room.

This is the story of Chevy, a 1951 American Chevrolet truck, now a classic of its kind, which was abandoned in a field in Kansas at the end of its working life, only to rust away for many years until imported into the United Kingdom in 2016.
This captivating story is told from Chevy’s perspective, from leaving his lonely field to travelling across America and the Atlantic, and his further challenging journeys until he finally arrived at a Land Rover Garage in Devon. It then tells of the fun and laughter he shares with his new friends, the other vehicles in the garage, but sometimes the sadness he feels when he misses his own country.

He becomes great friends with a wise old 1955 Riley called Reg, who helps Chevy settle into his new life and country, and with whom he shares his worries and joy during the events leading to his conversion into a magnificent and unique travelling party room.

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