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Parallel Souls (Kindle)

 Author: Caroline Baker  Category: Fiction, Kindle ebook, Personal Publishing  Publisher: Stellium Flame  ASIN: B00S8SQ9XI  Pages: 198  File Size: 903 KB  Buy Now

Lucie, a self employed Massage Therapist, is trying to find a relationship with a deeper, spiritual connection. She lives in a small, peaceful town in the heart of Devon, where nothing much happens. Lucie forms a friendship with her rascally neighbour Lee, although trying to avoid his flirtatious efforts to win her over; she does develop some feelings for him, which cause her to question her values.

Lucie’s best friend Trish persuades her to help out at a local charity fundraising day, as a contestant on a blind dating set. Unbeknown to Lucie, things would never be the same again, once she met Ian, and soon sparks begin to fly, between Lee, Lucie and Ian’s growing connection.

Strange phenomena in Lucie’s flat cause her to seek out advice, to enable her to understand what is happening around her. When she meets Ian, she realises that she is not alone and that they have more in common than she dreamed possible. As they begin to form a bond, unusual things begin to happen, bringing their pasts to the fore in a way that rocks their very foundations.

Hidden mysteries that talk of murder and passion that have lain undiscovered for years wait for them to discover their heritage, and when Ian’s uncle commits suicide, a chain of events unfolds, leading Ian to believe that things were not as they had once seemed. Together Ian and Lucie unravel the mysteries, and find themselves living with a reality that is very different from the one they had before.

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