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Psychic Liaisons (Kindle)

 Author: Caroline Baker  Category: Fiction, Kindle ebook, Personal Publishing  Publisher: Stellium Flame  ASIN: B01D3UM7SQ  Pages: 165  File Size: 747 KB  Buy Now

Charlie suddenly finds herself in an isolated situation, where her life collapses all around her. No longer knowing whom to trust, where to turn or who she really is, she takes the only viable option: to relocate where no one would know about her dark past.
She soon befriends a handsome stranger who offers to help her arrange a renovation of her new home. But does she really know enough about him, to allow him into her inner life of secrecy?
Charlie stumbles upon a clue that leads to a chain of events, which help her piece together the mystery of the unusual experiences that plague her. Through tales of folklore and hidden treasures, she begins a journey of self-discovery, which also reveals the depths of her ancestry.
Emotions arise when startling events unfold that she seemingly has no control over; events that threaten to push the boundaries of her security and sanity, when she realises that the past has not been left behind.
She finds solace in Jane, a friend of her late grandmother, who consistently shows support when Charlie questions reality.
Yet things are not quite as they seem in the sleepy village of Treen, for Charlie is left to discover what is truly real.

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