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Receiving Answers and Words of Wisdom

 Format: 5.5" x 8.5"  Author: Jan Tyler Bray  Category: Personal Publishing, Spiritual Channelling  Publisher: Stellium Flame  ISBN: 9781912358052  Pages: 140  Buy Now

Jan Bray has worked for years as a psychic and has amplified her skills with channelled information and guidance from her spirit guide. This is Jan’s second book, intended to pass on additional information in the process of helping people to live a better life.

The author’s journey into the world of spirit started with the loss of her Father in 2004, which she shared in her first book, Searching for Answers. To try to make sense of his passing, Jan Bray joined spiritualist circles and groups, and after many years of dedication, she was privileged to meet her Guide, Father Benedict, a Benedictine monk.

Father Benedict passes knowledge to Jan in the form of channelled or inspirational words so that she can share them and help people to lead happier lives.

Understanding how we see the world and all the things we do has a significant effect on our happiness and health, and this book explains what we can do to help us reach that understanding.

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