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Self-Publishing with Stellium

- How to produce a better book
 Format: 5" x 8"  Author: Sasha Fenton  Category: Non-fiction  Publisher: Stellium  ISBN: 978-0-9575783-9-5  Pages: 70  Dimension: 5" x 8"  Buy Now

This is the full-colour version of the book, to show that colour content nowadays is quite accessible.

How do I submit my manuscript?  Does it need editing? To ebook or not to ebook? What does a print run cost? Do I need Facebook/Twitter/GoodReads? Why are yesterday’s methods no good today?

At Stellium, we deal with these questions every day. All are valid and important queries, showing very clearly that there’s far more to publishing than appears at first sight. In the toughest environment ever, you need this book, no matter what kind of project you desire.

Sasha Fenton knows publishing; she knows writing: An author herself, Sasha has written 133 books (to date), with worldwide sales in excess of 6.5 million copies. As a traditional publisher with more than two decades of experience and successfully owning two publishing houses, it means that Sasha and her husband Jan have the perfect base to help you achieve your dream project.

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