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Spiritualism Under The Microscope

 Format: 6" x 9"  Author: Ralph A. Steadman  Category: Personal Publishing, Spiritualism  Publisher: Stellium Flame  ISBN: 978-0957578340  Pages: 122  Buy Now

Having noticed the wide range of questions people have about Spiritualism, and how his lectures evoked the same queries time and again, Ralph A. Steadman set out to explain what happens in the world of Spiritualism. Many interviews with people, both knowledgeable and those totally new to Spiritualism, produced the long list of questions discussed in this book.

Armed with this list, Ralph put his mind to giving answers, some of which came from his own years of research into the field, and others from discussions with colleagues who work in the Spiritualist field.

So, if you always wanted to know all about what happens when someone “sits in circle”, the way that mediums work, the meaning of regression or any number of allied matters, this book will swiftly supply the answers.

Ralph also explores connections and differences between Spiritualism and religion in general, and the way that one can adhere to any religion (or none), and still be into Spiritual matters.

For all those who want to know what this mysterious world is all about, this clear and easy-to-understand book is for you!

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