We’ll keep this brief, because the subject is so big that we published our own book to fully explain the self-publishing process.

If you think about the publishing process logically, then by self-publishing your book, you aren’t eliminating the steps along the way – you’re just taking them on and dealing with them yourself. That includes so many things that we found a detailed, explanatory book was a necessary solution. Every author we have helped needed to ask us many questions during their project, and although we love to help and give out advice, we were spending so much time (the author as well!) on the phone or with emails, that it was a sheer, repetitious waste.

Have a look at our book “Self-publishing with Stellium” on Amazon, and use the look up to view the table of contents; you’ll soon see what we’re talking about.

We believe that, if you’re interested in writing anything (self-pub or for a traditional publishing deal), then spending a fiver on a dedicated book of this kind, that has no waffle, just direct information, is worthwhile. If not our book, there are others available. Compare not learning some details about your writing, to installing all the plumbing for your bathroom without any idea about how it should be done…